Friday, May 25, 2012


I have no idea how it started.
I guess I’ve just always had this thing about imitating voices. Trust me, it is NOT a gift. It’s a DISEASE. As in, if I’m talking on the phone with my aunt from New Jersey, I’ll sound like I’m fresh from Freehold within 5 minutes. 
Let us not even discuss my Lebanese, Brazilian, or southern friends.
Anyway, many moons ago, I was reading a Disney book to my then 2-year-old, when the old “voice” issue kicks in. Big time. And, well, I start getting my Goofy on like nobody’s business.
Of course, the 2-year-old LOVES it. In fact, she’s absolutely delighted! And so am I…
until the next day when we’re having a little breakfast chitchat.
“Talk like Goofy, Mama,” says child.
And did I?
Of course I did.
Can you say parental amateur?
“Talk like Goofy, Mama” became her personal mantra for an entire year.
That girl was CRAZY about Goofy. And we all know that nuts, especially goofy ones, do not fall far from the tree.
See that photo up there? Well, that’s the Goofy I’ve had since I was seven… because back when I was a clumsy, tall, and toothy young girl, I was crazy about him, too.
Sure, he lacked looks and coordination, and there wasn’t much up there in his brain box, but I loved him precisely because of those missing pieces. Goofy was flawed… delightfully so. And isn’t it the flaws that make interesting characters… well, interesting?
So, you can have your smart and good and squeaky clean Mickey…
But don’t come sniffling to me when you have been BORED to tears.
Give me that gangly, gap-toothed galoot any day – ‘cause then there’s sure to be trouble. And, you know, if there’s trouble… there’s plot!
And if you’ve got a flawed character and a trouble-filled plot, well GARSH – you’ve got a GREAT story, guaranTEED!

By the way, it’s been over 14 years since my last Goofy conversation, and I think my vocal cords have FINALLY recovered…
Recovered enough, anyway, to shout out one more great big GARSH in honor of Goofy’s 80th birthday today!
And dang, that dog still looks good!

PROMPT: Celebrate Goofy’s octogenarian status by giving your characters a fistful of flaws and a whole heap of trouble today! Oh, and cake! Garsh, cake is ALWAYS a good idea!


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  1. Thanks for the flawed MC reminder, Barb. Sometimes I forget how endearing it is. ^_^