Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

Today is a great day to declare your independence…

from adulthood.

Come on, just for today.

Trust me, there is no better way to boost your creativity…

Just ask any kid about his or her missing homework, and you’ll be blown away by imagination and inventiveness!

So get out the hula hoops, beach balls, and super soakers 

It’s a great day to PLAY!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Don’t Show, Don’t Tell

Yes, you read that right — DON’T Show, DON’T Tell. 

This is not to be confused with the Show Don’t Tell rule we've talked about before, or the military’s former Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

This has to do with those incredible stories that live inside of you. 

Yeah, you know the ones...

If you place your hand on your chest you might feel their thump-wump, thump-wump as they beat against your rib cage.

Sure, physicians will tell you that you’re actually feeling the beat of your heart, but what do they know? Go ask a neurosurgeon if he or she has ever found the thought generator while poking around in a brain…

Actually, don’t do that. It’s just mean.

Anyway, those captive and captivating stories will thump, knock, beg, plead, and pound until you let them out.

But here’s the rub —

If you want to be a writer, you must be sure to let them out the “write” way. Otherwise they’ll fly from that cage faster than you can say doughnut jar.

You see, if you tell that great plot idea to a best friend, sibling, or spouse, it is as good as gone. And then when you finally set a date with your laptop, you might find that you’re left with nothing but a pile of feathers.

I made this mistake plenty of times when I was younger. Now that I’m older, wiser, and think a lot more about bone density and bifocals, I won’t tell a thing.

Trust me, it works.

So the next time those well-meaning friends ask you what you’re working on, practice the art of being vague —

even if they offer you chocolate...

a pony…

or a doughnut jar.

Be fuzzy with friends and family, but very clear with your tales…

Tell them that there is only one way out —

And that is on the page.

PROMPT: DON’T show, DON’T tell until it’s DONE. Put it on the page today.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


What if you eliminated your but?
That’s BUT, not butt.
If you want to eliminate your butt, you’ll have to check out my sister’s company, Fit School.
What I’m talking about is this kind of BUT
Yeah, I’d like to ____________ (fill in blank with your big creative project), BUT
I have a lot of other stuff to do.
I have kids.
I have parents.
I have pets.
I have plants.
I have a hangnail.
What if you pitched that word out of your vocabulary for a week?
Surely, you can go a week without a BUT.

PROMPT: Start projects! Complete them! Look 20 years younger AND 10 pounds thinner with the fabulous BUT diet!  Don’t delay! Try it today!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Mission in Two or Three Editions

Are you trying to build a writing habit?

Do you want to be a writer who gets things DONE?

Well, look no further.

Have I got a super-secret, never-fail motivational method just for you.

All you need is…


No, I’m not talking about the Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love Elvis.

I’m talking about THIS Elvis 

The one who just gave you your new mantra.

Download it from iTunes, program it into your morning alarm, blast it in your car, use it for your workout…

Every day, every day, every day, every day you’ll write the book.


PROMPT: Whatcha gonna do today? Yeah, I thought so.

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Book

June 30, 1997
That’s the date that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first published in the UK.
A book that, indeed, seemed magical 
taking on a life of its own and providing the inspiration for
Fan clubs
A line of (apparently) defective wands
The unprecedented sale of vomit and booger flavored candy
Video games
Action figures like Ron Weasley with detachable broomstick
Books about the books of the series and their profound meaning for feminists, Christians, Muggles, etc. (The U.S. Library of Congress currently lists over 100).
And an entire theme park!

Now that’s a LOT of inspiration…
And a lot of Galleon.
The estimated worth of the Harry Potter Franchise as of January 1, 2014 is well over 24 Billion dollars (yes, that’s BILLION with a B).

And then there’s something simple and free 
In King’s Cross Station of London, I waited in line for 20 minutes just so I could do this:

Yep, pose with half a shopping cart…

Just like the kids from Japan,
those students from Norway,
that family from Brazil 
and all the other folks who laughed in different languages.
But laugh we did,
understanding one another perfectly…
Humble Muggles of the world
enjoying our moment
of magic.

Never underestimate the power of a book.

PROMPT: How will your book change the world?
Oh, yes it will.
Never doubt that for an instant.