Friday, January 3, 2014

What’s Your Why?

Why does action-thriller writer David Morrell write?

Well, he claims he’s got an “inner ferret.”

Apparently this weaselly thing gnaws at his organs...

And unless Mr. Morrell cares to lose a spleen, liver, or some such, he must write to make it stop.


Well, I am happy to report that I do not have an inner ferret (or outer ferret either, for that matter).

But I do have a flock of birds.

Every morning I can feel their wings beating against my little cage of rib.

On some days it’s a murder of crows…

or lamentation of swans.

Most of the time, I’m pretty sure it’s a lubberly parcel of penguins.

But the make or model never really matters, because the directive is always the same —

Take up a pen or paintbrush.

Pick the lock.

Set them free.

PROMPT: Why do you create? What inner animal moves your muse? Grizzly? Platypus? Um…termite?

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Same as last year… Defeat the Dark Lord.
—Harry Potter

Spend more time at the library studying —
less time dithering around with Ron and Harry.
—Hermione Granger

Snog more.  
—Ron Weasley

Perfect my sewing stitches. Perfect my handwriting. Perfect my singing.
—Mary Ingalls

Stop hating Mary’s perfection… ARGH! Already failed.
—Laura Ingalls

Get the heck out of Kansas.

Be more accepting of other’s right to choose.

Just say no.

Get Pongo neutered.
—Roger Radcliffe

Try therapy… Nah, it’ll never work.

Get the quick change right for once — underwear goes on the INSIDE.
—Clark Kent

PROMPT: What’s your character’s resolution for the New Year?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I’m wishing you all the BEST for your 2014 creative goals!

Today is a great day to dream your dreams…

Wish your wishes…

Plan your plans…

Then plan to be surprised!

Some of the BEST things in life are happy accidents, after all.

PROMPT: Write down your 2014 aspirations! Sure, you may not intend to look at them again. In fact, you may plan to toss them in a drawer… rip them to shreds… or set them on fire. WRITE THEM DOWN anyway. It’s all part of the Mind’s Elbow magic formula.

And yes, I still believe in magic.

Trust me, life’s a whole lot more fun if you do.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As we say goodbye to the old year, it’s a great time to reflect on all of the 2013 awesomeness you've achieved.

What creative projects did you begin?

What did you finish?

What activities did you enjoy most?

What are you most proud of?

What did you learn?

Did you participate in NanoWriMo or PiBoIdMo?

And listen, Cupcake —

This is NOT the time of year to reflect on what you didn’t do, finish, or learn.

Toss those thoughts out with the trash.

It’s time to celebrate!

‘Cause you rocked that 2013.

That’s right.


PROMPT: Reflect and React… with a smile.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Guard Your Bliss

Do you want to be more productive in your 2014 creative endeavors?

I know I do.

But if you think that our ambition will mean more late nights getting nose burns at the old grindstone —

Think again.

According to some awesome and (without a doubt) merry researchers, all we need, my friends, is a little bit of happiness!

For example, a 2010 study by James Harter and friends found that folks have a greater number of creative ideas on days when they feel happier. 

Another investigation by Amibile and Kramer confirmed that happiness fuels both greater creativity and productivity.

I know, I know…

Right about now some of you may be thinking, “Well, carp. This isn't helpful at all. I’m too…






(Insert any other adjective here)

to be happy."

Well, I hate to burst your misery bubble, but research also shows that only 10% of your happiness is directly related to your circumstances.




PROMPT: So how will you guard your bliss for a fabulous 2014 of super-charged creativity?