Friday, January 17, 2014

I See a Red Door and I Want it Painted…

Reaper’s Cloak

New Moon


Flat Tire

Sleeping Panther




Mother Superior


PROMPT: You've just been hired by Acme Paint Company as a creative consultant. They need 47 shades of black.

Write on!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Here be Dragons!

Color Within
© Grace Pyles

It's Appreciate a Dragon Day!

This fantastic fest of fiery fun was created by author Donita K. Paul as a way to promote children’s literacy (and quite possibly her book, Dragonspell).

Regardless of how it began — if you happen to have a dragon, it’s a good time to show the love.

And what the heck, you can go ahead and appreciate those dragon fans as well. That’s my plan, anyway.

My daughter came into this world with a 100-decibel roar and lungs full of fire. In fact, I’m pretty sure that her second word (after Daddy, of course) was “Dragon.”

At that time her enthusiasm was so dang cute that the entire family hopped right on board the old dragon wagon…

It was decidedly less cute when she was a six-year-old riffling through the classifieds for great deals on Komodos.

And Honey, if you’re reading this — yes, they are wicked-cool, but the answer is still no.

PROMPT: It’s time to celebrate those fierce and feisty marshmallow roasters of the fantasy world! Write a fairy tale today and, for Pete’s (Dragon) sake, let the beastie win.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hobson’s Choice

(My favorite sign — Ferry Terminal, Anacortes, WA)

What if this were true?

Oh, but it is! 

So, either make a bunch or...

Write stories that stink.

The choice is up to you.

PROMPT: Pick one of your cringe-worthy moments and write on! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Super Fans

When the Seattle Seahawks beat the Saints last Saturday and clinched their place in next weekend’s NFC championship game, I can assure you that it had absolutely nothing to do with Marshawn Lynch’s 140 yards…

Steven Hauschka’s field goals…

Doug Baldwin’s great catch…

Or even, dare I say it…

Russell Wilson.

Nope, that win was created by one man, and one man alone…

Matt Baughn, a guy in my neighborhood.

Okay, his friends probably helped as well.

You see, over the last three years, this group of Hawks fans has developed a few “traditions.”

And hey, you can call these practices weird.

But they’re only weird if they don’t work.

And one look at the Seahawks record will tell you they do.

So, here’s a rundown of their super superstitions featured in our local paper:

Matt must stand with one foot on the tile in front of his fireplace for the entire game.

His wife Nikki must stand the entire time as well, but apparently her foot placement is not critical.

Good friend Travis must wear his Seahawks slippers and team socks, which have not been washed since the first game of the season.

Andy must wear his ratty and ripped up cargo pants, but laundering is not a factor.

Further, a football helmet-wearing piggy bank must face the TV from the back of the living room.

And a Santa decked out in Hawks gear must face the fans at all times. Last Saturday, Santa got bumped and things were looking bleak. However, the moment Nikki took notice and turned him in the right direction…

Seahawk first down. Woot!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t give a hoot how the Hawks manage this week’s game prep 

I’m rooting for Matt and the gang.

PROMPT: It’s all about sport superstitions today. Perhaps your character is like Michael Jordan who always wore his blue North Carolina shorts under his Bulls uniform for luck, or Wade Boggs who had to eat chicken before every game, or maybe he or she is just super-serious about fandom like Matt and his gang. Whichever the case, that ritual just got ‘em in a whole heap of trouble…

Write on!

Monday, January 13, 2014


So, the calendar says it’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day.

Creative People — NOOOOO! DON’T DO IT!

Yes, we've discussed this before.

However, I want to make one, and only one, exception.

I’m talking about that whiskered sandbar obstructing your ship of progress…

Felis Domesticus.

Otherwise known as Goalis Thwarterus.

Face it, cats would rather see you working the business end of a can opener than taking care of business… any business.

Obviously, this includes your novel.

You see, cats have never really gotten over the fact that we've moved on from those ancient Egyptian days of feline idolatry. They figure that every moment you spend working on something of YOURS means one less moment worshiping THEM.

And they’re not taking it lying down.

Um… actually they are —

If this is a familiar scene in your work area, I hate to break it to you…

But here’s what your office space will look like 5 years from now —

And you can bet your novel will still be unfinished.

Clearly, cats have hearts of stone when it comes to your evolution above and beyond can opener level.

So, in honor of Clean Off Your Desk Day

Ditch the desk cat.

Or, if you happen to lack feline ruthlessness…

Two words — 

  Desk Basket

Take that, whiskered sandbar!

It’s sure to be smooth sailing today.

PROMPT: I’m thinking about a romance made in purgatory… Mr. Clean meets Crazy Cat Lady. Now let the fur fly!