Friday, September 14, 2012

Do You Want Fries with That?

Okay, September is nearly half over, and it’s time you learned the truth –
It is National Potato Month.

Go ahead, look it up… I’ll wait.
What did I tell ya?

You know what this means, don’t you?
It’s time to celebrate!

So if you’ve got work to do this weekend, you’d better drop it like a hot potato because work is small potatoes compared to couch potato time!
But if you get a little stiff from all that sitting, you can always get up and get your groove on to that 1962 dance craze, The Mashed Potato.

And if your brain starts to atrophy, you can use the time to brush up on your spelling (yeah, I’m talking to you, Dan Quayle).
Or learn the meat and potatoes about the world’s most terrific tuber…In 1995, potato plants were taken into space with the space shuttle Columbia. This marked the first time any food was ever grown in space.

Like the fact that potatoes were the first food ever grown in space (Space Shuttle Columbia, 1995).
Or this tasty tidbit – the United Nations actually declared 2008 to be the International Year of the Potato. So sorry you missed it. But hey, maybe it came with a nifty horoscope – if you had a kid born then, I’m thinking it’s worth a look.

And here’s a hefty factoid – the world’s largest potato weighed in at 18 pounds. Meanwhile, the average Chihuahua weighs about seven. Annoyed by a yappy dog? Do the math.
But let’s say that you’ve already made plans for the rest of September and don’t have time to celebrate the spud. Well fear not, February is just around the corner.

National Potato Lovers Month.

Go ahead, look it up…

PROMPT: Whether you’re writing a comedic sci-fi a la Spuds in Space, or a serious historical novel about the potato famine, there’s always a place for potatoes on the plot plate. And hey, there’s always a place for them on the hot plate, as well – inexpensive edibles are welcome additions in those months between royalty checks!


  1. Congrats on 150 blogs!!!! That's no small potato.

    1. Thanks! Hey, don't you have a spud from the Year of the Potato?

  2. I LOVE potatoes. Mashed. Fried. Julienned. Baked. Scalloped. Wedged. Pancaked. French Fried. Pierogied. Twice-baked. Hash-browned. Mmmmm. I'm getting hungry.

    I just made up some words. ^_^

    1. Potato bonus points for you! So glad to see you here (virtually). ;-) Hope the trip was fabulous!