Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Want My Mummy

As soon as my crew stepped through the doors of the British Museum last summer, we grabbed a map and made a beeline for the cat mummies.

Because, you know, if you take a deep look into anybody’s bucket list you’ll find…

#99. See a cat mummy.



CheckMARK on #99!

After that big mission accomplishment, I had some spare time to pepper my teens with “What if” questions.

It’s what I do…

And eventually they’ll grow up, join an “Adult Children of ‘What if’ Peppering Parents” and recover.

Anyway, as I stood there reading about the cat mummification process, I hit upon my best “what if” questions of the day…

What if the ancient Egyptians were right about the afterlife?

What if you really do get to take all of your stuff with you?

Do you have any idea what this means?!

“We have no idea,” responded the teens, “but we’re pretty sure you’re going to tell us.”

It means that somebody just woke up and said, “Holy sarcophagus, WHERE is my CAT?!”
Think about it – there you are living large and Egyptian in the afterlife and stuff just starts disappearing with each archeological dig – the pottery, the jewelry, your pets…

The teens laughed to humor me, but probably wanted me to give it a rest as I began calling out each new artifact.

Whoa, there goes my scarab!

And my flail!

Dang it, where did I put my canopic jar?!

And then my son snapped this picture –


Yeah, an orb showed up – plain as day, there on his little camera screen.

And oh, how I reveled in all of my delicious parental rightness!

Because everyone agreed –

Without a doubt, that ghostly globe had come back…

to get his cat.


PROMPT: Write like an Egyptian! How’s that afterlife treating him or her? Hieroglyphics are optional.

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