Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Okay, so here’s a weird (Al, perhaps?) coincidence.

Yesterday I posted about the Power of Parody, and then just a few hours after I pressed publish – can you guess what I stumbled across?

A news item that demonstrated just how powerful parody can be.

No lie.

Apparently some kids from a Maine High School had a BIG wish. They wanted best-selling author Stephen King to visit them.

So, they wrote letters and sent him artwork….

For a year.

Man, these kids were serious.

Then they pulled out the big guns…

They posted King-themed music video parodies on YouTube.

Well, can you guess who walked through their school doors last Friday?

The man himself – Mr. The King.

And that would have been enough, but Stephen gave them even more. He inspired them with a talk about his writing career and his stint as a high school teacher. Then he provided an in-depth writing workshop for 18 lucky students, critiquing their manuscripts and offering advice. He even took some of the students’ writing home with him, and invited them all to send him more of their work in the future.

Can you imagine?

So, Elbow Benders, remember that it NEVER hurts to ask…

Over and over…

like… for a year.

And if that fails…

Post those awesome parodies you wrote yesterday.

ROCK and write on!

But first, let’s close with a little advice from the King himself –


“How do I write?

One word at a time.”

~ Stephen King


PROMPT: Stephen King has penned nearly 200 short stories, and his genres include suspense, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, with some comics thrown in for good measure. Flex your short story muscle today in a genre that’s new for you. Also, check out his nonfiction book, On Writing, for great advice without those nasty nightmare side effects.



  1. Wow! I love this, Barb! What a happy instance of persistence winning out! I have long intended to read King's book on writing. This is a good motivator.

    1. Thanks, Faith! Hope your day is filled with a whole lot of happy instances!