Friday, January 11, 2013

Take a Walk on the Weird Side

Have I got a day for you.

Peculiar People Day!


At some point in time, some person (a peculiar one, no doubt) decided that January 10th would be the day to celebrate those of us who are square, oval, and pickle-shaped pegs in this round-hole world.

Of course, since today is January 11th, we’re being super-peculiar here at The Good Ship Elbow and celebrating anyway…

Because being a little bit odd does a whole lot of good for your creativity.

Scientific people have found that creative people are… okay, let’s just come right out and say it…strange. That is, they see things most folks don’t notice, they make more associations between unrelated things, and they do a whole heap of other stuff that basically boils down to this –

Creative people think differently.

And while Truman Capote (who always wrote his first drafts lying down) claimed, “I can only think horizontally” – that’s not exactly what these scientists mean.

But then again…

It certainly puts Mr. Capote firmly in the “weird” group, so there you go.

PROMPT: Take time out today to celebrate those far-out, fantastic, and funny things about yourself. In fact, make it a party – a peculiar one.

Oh, and here’s a quick little writing tip – Peculiar people make the BEST protagonists.

Write on!


  1. Eccentric is my middle name. And I do all my writing lying down. Never thought about it, but yeah, I do my best thinking horizontally, too. Yay for peculiar people! They make life spicy. ^_^

    1. And all this time I thought the "C" stood for Curious. ;)