Monday, February 11, 2013

The Year of the …

Happy New Year all over again!

Yes, Elbow Benders, we've just entered the Year of the Snake…

And according to the experts in Chinese zodiac predictions, it promises to be a year full of interesting plot twists.

Obviously, that means it will be 12 months of writerly bliss for all of us!

So celebrate by adding a few snaky activities to your personal repertoire…

  • Shed some old skin! Get rid of stuff you no longer need, especially those time wasters that interfere with creative endeavors.

  • Expand! Snakes never stop growing, so neither should you. Commit to learning something new or taking on a fresh challenge.

  • Eat stuff bigger than your head…

Okay, maybe not all snake behaviors should be emulated.

PROMPT: Whatever plot you’re plotting today, throw in a twist just for fun. Ah, it’s a shame The Crying Game has been done… a guy in a feather boa would be so dang snake year appropriate.

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