Monday, April 29, 2013

They’re Everywhere!

I have just returned from a fabulous biking-camping island adventure.

Such an excursion now holds the top spot on the “highly recommended” list–

What a wonderful way to fill the artist/writer well!


Wouldn’t you know it, as I stopped at the Ferry terminal to grab a coffee for the road… I mean sea… a very special sign caught my eye –

Writing prompts –

Wherever you go, there they are!

PROMPT: have you ever made a bad decision that would make a good story? Everyone has. But if you’d rather not think about that cringe-worthy time when you… spray-painted the fence next to the new blue car or used that "empty" hornets’ nest as a piñata… then go ahead and give a really bad decision to one of your characters. He or she won’t mind. Characters LIVE for this sort of thing, after all.


  1. Ohhhh, this explains why I have soooo many good stories.

    1. You crack me up. Live and write on -- it's ALL material! ;-)