Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Filling the Well

I’ll bet that you've been pretty busy since September.

I know I have.

I've completed 56 new fiction and nonfiction projects for the education market. Many thanks to all of the awesome folks who've provided me with those fabulous assignments!

And I've posted 205 times for all of my mind-bending friends. Many thanks to all of you who have taken time out from your busy lives to read these noodly missives!

Well, school’s out for summer…

And summer is the perfect time for filling that well of creativity.

So this summer, I’m going to post a “Best of” of sorts at the Good Ship Elbow.

That way, should you feel the need for a jump-start, there will always be one here for you.

Meanwhile, I’m going to fill up on experiences that are sure to fuel my writing for the next academic year 

I might finally learn how to play the guitar,

I’ll probably dust off that rusty French,

And I think I see a chicken flock in my future.

I know for certain that there will be lots of fun and travel with a couple of the greatest teens on the planet...

And it doesn't get any better than that.

PROMPT: How do you fill that creativity well of yours?


  1. Thanks for all the GREAT post. I love you and have a GREAT summer.

    1. You're the GREATEST, little b! Lots of love to you and Luke. Wishing you both the best summer ever, too!