Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rants in Your Pants

“The word I'm searching for…
I can't say because there's preschool toys present."
~Woody (Toy Story)

Has anyone ever annoyed you?

Say it isn't so!

If you've done any time on the planet, you know there are going to be those rare occasions when somebody ticks you off.

Okay, okay, some of you may have these occasions more often than “rare.”

Anyway, isn't it amazing how you can think of 47 awesome comebacks only when the “ticker offer” is likely sleeping soundly at 2:00AM and you’re in bed stewing?

Well, stew no more!

Today is the day those comebacks are going to come in handy.

Make a somebody’s done somebody wrong list and then spout off —

On the page.

Because everybody knows that preschool toys can’t read.

PROMPT: All those things you've really wanted to say? Let ‘em rip in writing today. Trust me, one of your characters is going to need them one of these days.

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