Thursday, November 21, 2013

NaNoWriMo — Day 21…

Yes, I imagine you are all getting pretty tired out there.

But fear not, Elbow Benders —

Science says sleepiness can work for you!

A study reported in Thinking and Reasoning found that the unfocused, disorganized thinking style of the tired brain causes it to make random connections.

Um…duh. Someone was actually paid to determine this?

Anyway, it turns out that these random connections are exactly what you need to gain insights or jump-start creative tasks.

You realize what this means don’t you?

If you are weary, worn out, or wiped…

Griping is no longer aloud.     


Dang scientists.

PROMPT: Hip, hip, hooray, we’re sleepy today! Write about the weirdest place your main character could catch some Z’s. Or try this one on for size — Sandman vs. Snowman… with espresso.

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