Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Double Double Toil and…


It’s everywhere…

And isn't that wonderful?

Well, it certainly is if you want to make a living telling tales.

All great stories require a whole heap of it.

For example, I’m pretty sure you could come up with a list of books that involve some of the following:

Trouble with travel

Troublesome home

Trouble with wondering whether to roam

Trouble with truth

Troublesome lies

Trouble with toughies and gangsters and spies.

Trouble with livers

Troublesome dead

Trouble with unwanted thoughts in a head

Trouble with animals

Troublesome plants

Trouble with troublesome tight-fitting pants.

Oh yeah.

Sing it loud and sing it proud —

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen…

But that’s nothing compared to the trouble…

I've made!

PROMPT: What if you created a whole heap of trouble today?

Write on!

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