Monday, May 5, 2014

Teacher Feature

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
—Albert Einstein

I’m not so sure that Laura Ingalls Wilder’s teacher was happy about awakening all that joy in creative expression when she saw this little ditty chalked on the board—

Going to school is lots of fun,
From laughing we have gained a ton.
We laugh until we have a pain,

Little did Laura know at the time, but “Lizy Jane” would eventually become her sister-in-law.

Yeah, I bet those family reunions were swell.

Anyway, do not let this happen to you. Instead, show the love. After all, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week

So, let’s give some thought to all those wonderful folks who taught us to read (Thank you, Miss Henry!)…

write (Merci, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Rupert, and Dr. Z!)…

and draw (That’s you, Miss Hunt — thanks a bunch!).

And what the heck, we’re writers  so we might want to put them into a story or two.

But then again, as writers we've got to appreciate those others as well…

Like the ones with the irresistible names (I was blessed with a Miss Dry, Mrs. Coy, Mr. Saucer, and Miss Hickey)…

Or the ones with those unforgettable personalities (I had a fabulous pseudo-swearer in the 7th grade, and my class gave her unlimited opportunities to blurt “Oh fudge cake and nuts” all the livelong day)…

And, of course, the mean ones.


Future in-laws be damned, I say go for it!

PROMPT: It’s a great week to appreciate your favorite (and perhaps not-so-favorite) teachers. So, give them an adventure, a superpower, or head lice and get them into a book!

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