Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Chance for Rants

For the love of Pete (and simplicity), why are there so many buttons on my television remote control?

I don’t want to change the world, I just want to change the flippin’ channel.

And here’s another thought —

Why is it that wearing underwear in public will most likely land you in the backseat of a black and white…

But donning a bikini covering roughly 3 square centimeters of skin gets a thumbs-up from the authorities?

And finally —

When I call in to receive my voicemail messages, why oh why does the pseudo-human robot voice eat up precious cell phone minutes to ask me if I want to hear my messages?

No. I do not want to hear my voicemail messages. I actually called because I am lonely and longed to hear a pseudo-human robot voice. OF COURSE I WANT TO HEAR MY MESSAGES!!

… Deep cleansing breath.

Have you ever wanted to go off like a Roman candle over some petty annoyance or things that don’t make any sense?

Unless your first name happens to be “Saint,” I’m pretty sure you've answered in the affirmative.

Well, today is your lucky day.

It’s time to have a little fun with those rants in your pants.

So, grab a bit of inspiration from my favorite ranter, Hank Green...

Yep, it’s 17 Rants in 4 Minutes.

PROMPT: Write out your own personal favs in the rant department, or create an awesome rant for your main character. 

Write… and rant on!

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