Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello Again

Gus Taylor was 18 months old when he started babbling that he was his own grandpa. 

It weirded out his parents. After all, Gus’s grandpa had died a year before the little babbler was born. 

Things got even weirder when they showed him old family photos. Gus got “Grandpa Augie” right every single time. 

Gus finally explained the whole thing when he was four and speaking more coherently —

Apparently, God gave him a ticket after he died. With that ticket, he was able to travel through a hole and come back to life as Gus.


That cleared everything up for mom and dad, I’m sure.

Then there was this Scottish kid, Cameron Macaulay...

From the time he began putting words together at the age of two, he babbled about his life on the island of Barra (a place that he had never visited). 

He described the sea view from his bedroom window, his other mom, his siblings, his pets, and how his dad died.

This little guy did not discuss special God tickets, however. Instead, he talked about toilets.

According to Cameron, his current life situation was considerably inferior to his previous one. After all, the Macaulay home had only one toilet, whereas in Barra, he had had three.

Eventually, Cameron’s parents actually took him to Barra where they found that this kid’s tales matched those of the Robertson family exactly…

right down to those three toilets.


What if reincarnation = reality?

PROMPT: Who were you in a previous life? Don’t know? Well, make it up! Write a rock-tabulous reincarnation story that explains some of your most endearing quirks. For a little inspiration, Galileo’s got your back(story).

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