Monday, May 14, 2012

Bust a Move

Are you ready to ROCK this week?
I am.
I’ve got my goals.
I’ve got my to-do list.
And I’ve got my 5-minute happy music dance break.
Say what?
Remember that post about happiness? Well, here’s one quick way to get some.
First off, research shows that happy music creates positive perceptions even when there’s nothing “positive” to see (Jolij & Meurs, 2011). Another study (Salimpoor, Benovoy, Larcher, Dagher, & Zatorre, 2011) noted that brains release extra dopamine when people listen to music that they enjoy. And even if you don’t understand dopamine, trust me, right now your brain is saying, “BRING IT ON!”
Can you imagine what would happen if we added a little wiggle? Sure enough – current research from the University of London is demonstrating that dancing boosts mood beyond the effects of exercise alone.
Well, this is certainly news we can all use! So, get out your playlist of happy songs and crank ‘em up for just 5 minutes every day. Then prepare to be amazed. I can only imagine how many Prozac prescriptions could be eliminated if everyone just spent a little time shakin’ their groove things!
Try it this week – just for some creative fun. And you are here to have creative fun, aren’t you?
Note: Be sure to choose music that’s up-beat and positive. If you think that a 5-minute dance break playlist includes Beck’s Loser – WE NEED TO TALK.
Here’s a few that will get the job done. I’ve added links – you have NO EXCUSE.
Into Country? George Canyon’s Sunshine always makes me smile. (Probably because I am a big-yellow-sun-ball-addicted Northwester)
Funky Hip Hop?  Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti and Spearhead is wonderful.
Rock? Bon Jovi’s We Weren’t Born to Follow. Yeah, those Jersey boys can still rock the HOUSE.
And for those going through a rough patch – Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger is awesome.
Maybe you have a few happy tunes of your own.
Try it.
It's free.
It takes just 5 minutes.
What have you got to lose…
But the blues?
Even if you don’t feel like dancing,
Here’s a tip – Whenever I don’t feel like dancing, I take a moment to remember two very important facts:
This great big beautiful world comes complete with
What more does a body need?

Well, a 5-minute dance break.

PROMPT: Energize that creative mind of yours with a dose of dopamine! Get down, shimmy, boogie, bust a move, and trip the light fantastic for a fantastic week -- guaranteed!


  1. Just last night I was rockin' on the porch swing to a Classical playlist and thinking about how I needed to put on something danceable. Thanks for the encouragement. Today I will cue up an 80s pop list. If that doesn't get me movin' and groovin', nothin' will. Enjoy the continuous sunshine. ^_^

    1. Once again, we're on the same page. Rock on and shine on, Angi!