Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Livin’ Large with Medium

Artists – 
Have your watercolors become wearisome?
Your crayons commonplace?
Your pastels platitudinous? (Yeah, I looked that one up)
If your medium has become monotonous, simply take off to the Great White North and go Canadian!
That’s where you’ll find the latest art sensation – a portrait of Calgary’s mayor, Naheed Nenshi, done in… wait for it… wait for it…
This masterpiece is about 2 meters square and was created with 12,000 of those bright and bubbly balls. Artist Franz Spohn designed it, and volunteers followed his direction by carefully placing the gumballs into tubes. These were then fastened side by side and the effect was, like, totally tubular, eh?
You can check out the results here.
The mayor himself made a surprise visit as the final gumballs were being placed. He stated that, well, it was weird, but then added, “… it is very neat to see all these people of every age come together and make this art together.”
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Just another super happy example of art making the world a better place.

And you’ve got to love those Canadians, eh? They are such kind-hearted people.
I mean, they actually created a bubble gum portrait of a politician…
without chewing it first.

PROMPT: Go media wild today! I don’t care what you use – credit cards, glassy shards, rocks and blocks, or leotards. Heck, if a Michigan teen can make her prom dress out of 18,000 Starburst wrappers, then even Twizzler Trousers could be part of your future.


  1. I'm laughing too hard to formulate a response. ^_^

    1. Wishing you many more reasons to get your giggle on today! :D

  2. You are sooo fun, Barb! And now I'm craving bubble gum!