Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rejection Revisited

Yes, we’ve talked about rejection a couple of times before. Once, it had something to do with bees, and the other time it was much ado about oysters.
But you know, if you’re a writer or artist, rejection is something that comes creepin’ ‘round your door pretty often. Or it should.
Rejection is one of the necessary steps on the path to success.
So anyway, I was doing a little “rejection” cyber searching and stumbled upon a game called “Rejection Therapy”. It was started by Jason Comely in 2009.
Apparently the Rejection Therapy Game has only one rule. And the rule is that you must get rejected by another person at least once a day. Note: not TRY to get rejected, but actually get rejected. And that’s rejected spelled with a NO – not a maybe, perhaps, or some other time.
I don’t know whether this game was created to help people make dates, get jobs, or proselytize, but Writers and Artists, we are totally going to pinch this concept!
I’m thinking that a great goal would be to have one of those success-making rejections coming in once a week.
The once-a-week rejection would be so good on so many levels –
·         First off, you’d have to be doing a lot of writing and art to have enough submission material.
·         Second, all that word and art making would improve your craft.
·         Third, you’d be getting it OUT THERE! Your work wouldn't be hugging the inside of a drawer. Because, face it folks, your manuscripts and portfolios should be hugging an agent or editor instead.
Are you game?
If so…
Welcome to Rejection World!
A groovy place where NO means, “YES! I so ROCKED that rejection!” (commence happy dance)
Because in Rejection World
Can I write/illustrate for your magazine? NO
Will you be my agent? NO
Will you publish my book? NO
Means HOME RUN!!!
WaHOOOOooooooo! That’s three weeks of celebration right there!

PROMPT: Start your rejection collection. And don’t forget the happy dance part – six-pack abs, here we come! Can you say Bonus Feature?


  1. I've got a whole file full of them. I'm always of the mind that if you don't send your work out, it's an automatic, self-imposed rejection.

    1. And people probably wonder how we stay so thin -- it's all that dancing! Believe it or not, I actually received a rejection AS I was posting this morning. Oh LIFE, what a great big cosmic joker you are! :D

  2. The rejection game huh. Let me think about it..... NO I WILL NOT PLAY BIG B!!! There's your rejection for the day.... Oh carp.... You "no" I'll play. Another GEM.

    1. You've got to get up awfully early to be MY first rejection of the day, little b! The publishing world gave me one as I was posting. SHAZAM!