Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get Messy!

Endings can be orderly.

Road races have those clearly marked finish lines, and runners cross them fist-pumping.
Students march up row by row alphabetically to get their diplomas.
Even death can be tidy – some folks simply slip out quietly in their sleep.

Beginnings are another matter.
Beginnings are never nice and neat.

Every runner’s first steps were nothing but a series of face-plants and pratfalls.
All of this week’s graduates started in kindergarten chaos.
Births – my goodness!
They are MESSY and LOUD!
Nobody here on the planet just tiptoed in without SOMEBODY noticing.

So, maybe you’ve just ended…
some schooling
or an old job.
And now you’re taking your first steps…
in a new location
or a new career.
Maybe you’re simply starting a project
or a novel.

Whatever beginning you are just beginning…
here’s a friendly reminder just for you –

Every GREAT start is SLOPPY,
It can even be CONFUSING and CHAOTIC

And isn’t that wonderful to know?

So haul out the finger paints, mud, and whole wheat flour.
Make wild clumsy leaps and fall without grace.
Really egg it on –
The messier the better!

And it will be the start of something GREAT –

PROMPT: Make the messiest, most awful, first draft imaginable. I mean seriously. Make it so bad that your EYES would blush from shame if they ever saw it published.
Now THAT’S a great beginning!
And you can bet your bottom dollar that ALL GREAT books began exactly this way.

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