Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puppy Power!

Are you collaborating with someone on a creative project? Then consider a canine!
Recent research from Central Michigan University found that the presence of dogs increases teamwork.
In the study, they asked 12 groups of 4 people to create ads for imaginary products. Some teams had dogs. Some did not. Afterward, the subjects were asked to rate how they felt about their teammates, and the groups were compared. It turns out that the teams with dogs reported many more positive feelings about their coworkers.
The researchers did not give details, but it’s a good bet that the dog team members said things like –
“John was so AWESOME to work with – I just wanted to lick his whole face!”
“Tina was a SUPER AWESOME teammate! I’d fetch her newspaper, coffee, and slippers everyday for five years just to work with her again!”
“Working with Tim was better than rolling in stinky dead stuff! Man, it does NOT get any better than that!"

Note that the study did not employ cats. This was probably a wise decision.
I mean really –
naps, couch shredding, mouse decapitation, and team love?

Clearly, some dots do not connect.

Ha.    Ha.   Ha.

PROMPT: Do you have a BIG creative idea? Consider collaborating! Just add puppies for instant success!
In the children's book world, Judith Ross Enderle and Stephanie Jacob Gordon have collaborated successfully for years. And yes, they have office dogs! You can check out their website here.
By the way, the Central Michigan University study did not assess whether the dog teams ads were more creative. That sounds like a great project for my super sciency friends (you know who you are)! 


  1. So that's my problem. My creative partner is a Persian Prince.

    1. But I'm sure he is an exception! Ours, however, are not. We have 3 rescue kitties. The poor dog has to work overtime to keep us from our burning desire to hiss and spit.

  2. You are so AWESOMELY weird.I love you.

    1. I hear it runs in the family... The AWESOMENESS... yeah, um, the awesomeness. ;-)

  3. You are so AWESOMELY weird.I love you.