Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty

Born to be Filed

What is it about cats?
They seem to have some kind of hypnotic hold on people.
Case in point –
I am a Facebook user. And when I make an occasional post, I’ll get one of those thumbs up “likes” from my sister – not because I’ve actually posted anything brilliant, but because she’s my sister and sisters do that sort of thing.
However, one day my cat was being his wacky cat self, and so I snapped the photo above and posted it.
Within 11 seconds I had about 87 “likes.”
It was weird.
And just because I’m a bit wicked, on Friday the 13th I posted this:

Again, my page was on FIRE with likes and comments. You would have thought I’d cured cancer or something.
Cats cast a spell, to be sure.
In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if cats had something to do with Facebook development. It’s quite possible that they implanted the entire social media concept into Zuckerberg’s brain just so they could spread their bad grammar messages more quickly.
And then cats being cats, they chuckled little mwa ha ha’s into their paws when they caused the FB IPO to tank.
It’s the way they roll.
Just witness how a cat pat, pat, pats at a new object and you’ll realize –
They come into this world fresh from a very hot place.

But we love them anyway.

PROMPT: Get catty today. Draw ‘em, sketch ‘em, paint ‘em, or write about ‘em. Better yet, pair ‘em with bad grammar and post them on the Web. “Like” button resistance is futile.


  1. When I post pictures of Izzy on Twitter, tons of people comment and retweet. Of course, he's gorgeous. . .

    1. He certainly is. He's also the best-named cat I know!