Monday, July 23, 2012

Peace, Love, and Albert

Back in 1931, Albert Einstein was invited to give a lecture at Oxford, and he happily obliged.
When he was through, they wrestled the chalk eraser from his hand and slapped a sheet of plexiglass on top of his furious scribbling. Now it hangs on the wall of their Museum of the History of Science so folks can ogle at it.
I have no idea what the lecture was about, although we can make an educated guess that the subject was Relativity. However, I like to imagine that Albert was really talking about his formula for a Delightful Life (hence the big D).
If this was indeed the case, I’m pretty sure the other variables would be as follows:
P = Peace
t = Thinking
C = Creativity
K = Kindness – or possibly kangaroos. Kangaroos are always delightful.
L = Love
a = aha!
That squiggly thing that sometimes looks like an “S” and other times looks like an “e” – I think that stands for maintaining a firm belief in magical possibilities.
And the y = “Why? Because I said so, and I’m Albert Einstein!”

I love Albert Einstein. He was AMAZING. And yet he was not the kind of scientist who spent his time laboring away in a lab. He was a theoretical physicist who spent most of his time in a chair… thinking.
Yeah, he did lots and LOTS of thinking.
And he said this about it:
We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them.
That quote has been my creative thinking mantra for a long time. Feel free to use it, too – whether your problem is a plot twist or global warming.
Creative thinking is the answer.
The question is relatively irrelevant.

PROMPT: Find a chair. Sit. Think. Bonus points if you play the violin – Albert loved the violin.


  1. That's all I've been doing lately. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. I wish I played the violin ^_^

    1. Well, I'm THINKING we need to get together for coffee soon. How does next week look for you?