Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Lighthouse List

Yesterday we talked about lighthouses. Well, today we’re gonna be speakin’ of the beacons once again – this time metaphorically.
There are some bloggers out there who light up my life, and I want to take some time out to acknowledge them.

ROCKin’ Writers on the dance floor…
Maribeth who’s Writing Like Crazy (and really brightened my day when she nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award)
Angelina C. Hansen and her musings on the joy of writing
Dawn Simon’s Plotting and Scheming
Emily a la blog

Inspiring Illustrators (who write too!)…
Kjersten Anna Hayes with her collage clips and more
Faith Pray’s Sacred Dirt

Super Scientist…

Super Life Coach…

Fitness Guru…
Carol, who helps you get rid of both buts and butts at Fit School

Homesteading Help (‘cause you all know I’m going for that Doughnut Jar)...
Jenna’s Cold Antler Farm

And then there are those who should be blogging…
Yeah, I’m talking to you, Barry and Shawn.

That’s my list so far.
Thank you, Beacons of AWESOMENESS!!!

And yeah, I’ve got a Sea Serpent List, too.
But why should they get all the good press?

PROMPT: Put together your own Lighthouse List today. Then strap a strobe to your forehead and go make somebody else’s roster!
Oh, and your Sea Serpent tally? Clearly not a keeper.


  1. Thank u do much for mentioning my blog. I have always lived lighthouses too so it's another thing in common we have. ;). Shine on !!!!

    1. Thank YOU so much for the sunshiny award! Have a big, bold, BRIGHT, and beautiful week!

  2. I just discovered this because someone clicked on it to get to GBM. Why thank you so much! You are going straight to the top of my lighthouse list. I think I can see your beam from here....

    1. Thank YOU, Karl! Keep rockin' the science world! California is so dang lucky to have you -- hope the new place is treating you well.