Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

My best friend is a shopper.
I try not to hold it against her.

And as you can probably imagine, this is her favorite day of the year.
I’m pretty sure she’ll be nursing a bargain hunter hangover by noon.

You see, last night she and her sister did the usual – got all jacked up on coffee and carbs, then headed out about midnight to wheel the deals.
You could not get me to do this if you gave me a pony.
But hey, I actually love this day, too.

Because my friend and her sister are guaranteed to have some wild and crazy adventures that most likely involve –

parking lot derbies,
sprained ankles,

and one time… a chipped tooth.
I would not get between these women and a bargain.

They are the Hells Angels of haggle.

And I love the stories.
So, that’s the deal –

They get the deals…

I get the stories.

PROMPT: What’s your Black Friday story? Were you toughing it out last night for a flat screen? Did they give you a pony?



  1. Congratulations on 200 AWESOME Blogs Big B. I'm very proud of you and thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Who knew I had so dang much to say? Wait... don't answer that.