Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sweet Memories

(CC) Larry D. Moore

As of this writing, it looks like there just might be hope in the land of Hostess.
Thank goodness!

Imagine – without Twinkies, Pringles “chips” will be our only post-apocalyptic food choice.
Anyway, I’m hoping that the Hostess brand survives. They’re more than just Twinkies you know…

They are Ding Dongs.
And my very first childhood memory happens to include a Ding Dong.

You see, when I was two years old, my mom spent an entire month in the hospital. And back then, visiting hours were not only super-strict, but if you were under the age of 12 you could not set foot within a country mile of a patient… Ah, the good “odd” days.
Anyway, my aunt could give a rat’s fanny about this “rule.” So, she told me that we were going to the hospital for a visit, and asked if there was anything I’d like to give my mom.

A Ding Dong, of course!

At that age, I was absolutely certain that those edible hockey pucks could save the world. I mean, if Jesus was on God’s right hand, I had no doubt that a Ding Dong was in his left.
So it made complete and total sense to me that a Ding Dong could cure those nasty pregnancy complications.

And so there it is, my first memory as a person on this planet – grinning at a Ding Dong as the world flew by the passenger side.
It all gets a little dicey after that. Apparently, the plan was to shove me through the hospital window and into my mom’s room.

I come from a long line of rule breakers.

Well, I guess there’s one rule that we don’t break. And that one goes like this –

Everything’s better…
with Ding Dongs.

PROMPT: Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, Ho Hos, oh my! What’s your Hostess of the mostest memory? Don’t have one? Write an “Ode to a Twinkie” instead.


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