Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here be Dragons!

Colors and Fire
© Grace Pyles

January 16th is officially Appreciate a Dragon Day!

This fantastic fest of fiery fun was created by author Donita K. Paul as a way to promote children’s literacy (and quite possibly her book, Dragonspell).

Regardless of how it began – take note that if you happen to have a dragon, it’s time to show the love.

And what the heck, you can go ahead and appreciate those dragon fans as well. That’s my plan, anyway.

My daughter came into this world with a 100-decibel roar and lungs full of fire. In fact, I’m pretty sure that her second word (after Daddy, of course) was “Dragon.”

At that time her enthusiasm was so dang cute that the entire family hopped right on board the old dragon wagon…

It was decidedly less cute when she was a six-year-old riffling through the classifieds for great deals on Komodos.

And Honey, if you’re reading this – yes, they are wicked-cool, but the answer is still no.

PROMPT: It’s time to celebrate those fierce and feisty marshmallow roasters of the fantasy world! Write a fairy tale today and, for Pete’s (Dragon) sake, let the beastie win.


  1. Too cool! And why can't she have a Komodo. . . ?

    1. I know, I know -- every child deserves a pet with bacteria-laden saliva. Just put me right at the top of the Mean Moms list.