Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who Knew?

Alien invasion, nuclear war, technology takeover, viral pandemic, super volcano, solar storm… the list goes on and on.

But it turns out that every single apocalyptic theorist has been wrong.

The biggest threat to life as we know it has already made its move at the Denver International Airport. It’s been all over the news, in case you've been, like, living under a rock.

Yes, I am talking about a wily band of rogue rabbits who have been taking out the ignition cable of every car in long-term parking.

I hear they’re gunning for the planetary power grid next.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

PROMPT: Who could have guessed that the "end times" instigator would be so dang cute? Do away with those same old same old stories and write an apocalyptic scenario that NOBODY would expect.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm pretty sure you've been busy with a lot of other life events -- both sweet and sour. Just be on the lookout for those bad bunnies from now on!