Monday, March 11, 2013

Be Bold!

Fortune favors the audacious.
~Desiderius Erasmus

I spent most of the weekend working on a biography of Harriet Tubman.

You know her, I’m sure.

She’s the woman who –  
  • gained her own freedom via the Underground Railroad, then returned to the south 19 times to free over 300 others.
  • worked as a spy for Union forces throughout the Civil War.
  • became the first female to lead troops into battle during the raid at Combahee River.
  • started schools for freed slaves after the war was over.
  • toured the country with Susan B. Anthony to rally for women’s right to vote.
  • started a home for the homeless elderly at the age of 83.

Yeah, that Harriet Tubman…

The woman who kinda sorta makes your fear of the dreaded blank page look just a wee bit wimpy.

PROMPT: Be BOLD this week! Create a BOLD character! Make up a BOLD plot! Paint in BOLD colors! Go for broke, Elbow Benders, and use that BOLD function key with audacious abandon!

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