Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We Don’t Need No Education…

Look out, broccoli “spear” – you’re next!

This just in –

Triangle-shaped flapjacks have been banned from a British comprehensive school for health and safety reasons.
Apparently a student suffered from a minor eye injury last Wednesday after he was struck by one of those pointy little devils in flight.
The lunch servers have since been informed by the headmaster that they must now cut flapjacks into squares – “and only into squares!” 
Evidently, flapjacks take flight only when they are served in triangular form.
It is also quite obvious that the headmaster has complete confidence in the “quality” of his school’s education –
Surely his pupils will never deduce that with one swift diagonal slice their flapjack square will yield (GASP!)…
Two deadly triangles!

I say, it does make one long for the good old days of gruel.

PROMPT: Give a cast of crazy student characters an even crazier set of new school rules. What mischief will they cook up next?


  1. Wait a tick...I thought flapjacks were round. Well there's your trouble.

    1. Ah, but these are obviously complex polygon British flapjacks. We went round after the Revolution.