Monday, July 1, 2013

What will you think up next?

During my web wanderings yesterday, I stumbled across the “Talking Chip Clip.” The ad displayed a sweet little owl face that hoots whenever you part its beak from the bag.

Apparently it was created to let everyone within a three block radius know when you’re indulging your inner chip monster.

But it gets better. The device also comes in… wait for it… PIG. 

Yeah. Try giving that one as a shower gift. 

It was certainly enough to make this girl get her granny on… “Dadgummit! What WILL they think up next — talking scales?”

As in…

 “Whoa there! Barb’s up three pounds from last week! Must be all the chips that pantry pig’s been squealing about.”

            “Tell me about it,” Washer pipes up. “I haven’t sudsed up a size 6 in a loooooong time. Ain’t that right, Dryer?”

            “Mmm Hmm.”

There’s a story in there somewhere. I just know it.

PROMPT: What will YOU think up next? What product or service does the world need (or, um, maybe not need). Perhaps you’d rather take the talking appliance story and run with it. As a famous teapot once said, “Be our guest!” Write, draw, collage, create about it. I don’t give a hoot or an oink what you do with it, just be sure to have fun!

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