Monday, September 30, 2013

Money Magic

It isn't often that the word “Salem” puts a smile on your face.

You know — witches, trials, and whatnot.

But right now there's something going on in the other Salem (Oregon) that’s clearly magical without all of the pesky side effects listed above.

Apparently, the place has a money fairy!

It started a few weeks ago when folks shopping at the Fred Meyer store on Southeast Commercial Street began finding $100 bills tucked into their groceries.

Now the same thing is going down at the local Walmart where Franklins are popping up in boxes of cookies and under lids of chocolate syrup…

So, it’s pretty clear that this fairy has a bit of a sweet tooth.

But that’s all we know.

PROMPT: You’ll have to solve this one on the page. Who? What the..? and Why? are great places to start.

Then strap on a pair of wings and create some magical moments of your own.

Imagine the possibilities! 

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