Friday, September 20, 2013

WHOse Idea Was This?

I’m pretty sure they were Harry Potter fans.

After all, we've talked before about the many ways in which that fabulous series has influenced the world and its populace.

This time, however, the influence didn't work out so well.

You see, last week a muggle couple in the UK decided that it would be absolutely brilliant if an owl served as the ring bearer in their wedding.

I’m pretty sure they had visions of Hedwig souring in with a flourish to make a special delivery just before the vows were exchanged.

Obviously, the “magical spell of Hogwarts” made said couple forget the basic zoology they learned in primary school.

Owls are nocturnal.

Which means, of course, that our days are owl nights.

So imagine, if you will, being woken up at 2:30 in the morning and told to look “wedding fabulous” while delivering a package without so much as a single slug of joe.

I’m betting you wouldn't give a hoot either.

Hedwig (a.k.a. Darcey) entered, muttered something like “Bloody Hell,” and flew to the rafters to get a few more winks.

So, Sonia and Andrew, if you’re reading this, I wish you the very best of marital bliss all the days of your lives. And after the honeymoon, you might want to reread the Potter series a bit more thoroughly before you have a child and one day get the brilliant idea to send him or her a howler.

Because it’s pretty clear if you read between the lines…


Never have.

Never will.

PROMPT: So many ways to go with this one — “Weddings Gone Wrong,” “It sure seemed like a great idea at the time,” or my personal fave… the whole shebang from Darcey’s point of view.

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