Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Share the Joy!

Do you have a YESvember goal?

If not, this may be something that lights your creative fire!

Out there in the real world, 20% of US teens and adults lack basic literacy skills.

Imagine, if you will, that you are one of those folks. While you might certainly want to improve your reading ability, how many “See Jane run” or “Look at the big, red ball” books would you be able to bear?

Obviously, there is a serious lack of exciting, fun, and age-appropriate content in the marketplace for these future bookworms.

Well, there are some great organizations who want to change this, and they've created a contest that just might be right for you.

Story Share seeks to "inspire US writers to author engaging stories for people over the age of 13 who read at a beginning or intermediate level."

And they are laying $50,000 in prizes on the line to do it!

For more details, here’s the link. They even have topic ideas and great examples of the kinds of stories they’re seeking.

Remember to read the rules carefully, as it looks like you must give up all rights to the work you submit. However, on the positive side, contests such as these are often a great way to break into the business.

So, check it out and decide if this contest-with-a-cause is right for you.

All entries are due on December 8, so you know what they were thinking…


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