Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Paging Dr. Dolittle

What if you really could talk to the animals?

What would that be like?

Well, if you really want to find out, just give Nirmala Toppo a call.

Nirmala is a 14-year-old girl from India who talks to elephants.

And get this —

They listen.

Back in June, the city of Rourkela was in a panic when a herd of 11 elephants stormed the place. Forest Department officials managed to corral them into the local football stadium, but had no idea how to send those pachyderms packing back to the forest.

Who ya gonna call?

Nirmala Toppo.

She’s known as “Lady Tarzan” in her small village where she does this sort of thing all the time.

So, Nirmala made the 160-mile trip, did a bit of elephant chit chat, and then led the whole lot back to the forest.

Just. Like. That.

You may be wondering how she developed this skill.

Well, she says she simply made the decision to learn it…

After her mother was killed by a wild herd.

PROMPT: Someone needs to write Nirmala’s story. Why not YOU?

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