Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blame It on a Book


Ever since I read Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods in the 4th grade, I have dreamed of one day having a little homestead of my own.

You know —

Milking my own cow…

Gathering my own eggs…

Playing volleyball with a pig bladder…

Okay, maybe not that last one.

At any rate, these Wilder dreams followed me through my primary years, college, and even graduate school.

And I pined for my own Big Woods every time I rented another second story walk-up or fourth floor flat.

Then finally after years of saving, my husband and I bought our own little house on a few acres.

It was much more prairie than piney, but that was just fine by me.

Well, back in August I took an even wilder leap and purchased a dozen day-old heritage breed chickens.

Thanks to the advice of some good friends and a few info-packed books from the local library, I actually managed to get them all from fluff to feathers.

Then last Saturday something happened…

 First Little Egg on the Prairie

And all I can do is grin.

PROMPT: How has a book changed you?

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