Friday, January 24, 2014

There’s Gold in Them Thar Words!

I know we've barely gotten over the Jolly Roger good time we had talking like pirates last fall, but by gum, it’s Talk Like a Grizzled Old Prospector Day!

Apparently, a couple of fellers started the fun to mark the day of the first bony fide nugget in that thar gold rush of Californee.

Right about now I reckon you’re probably set to wonderin’ just how in tarnation you’re going to celebrate.

Well, don’t let the day hornswoggle ye. Purt’ near anybody can do it.

And it comes in especially handy when cussin’ out editors with flair—

"Consarn it, that dadburned sidewindin’ varmint done gave my tale the boot!"

But don’t let a tough day on the claim get you down none.

Just skedaddle on back to yer blank page and channel yer inner Yosemite Sam, Yukon Cornelius, or Stinky Pete.

Then write faster'n a jackrabbit on a hot rock…

And you’ll be hittin’ pay dirt in no time!

PROMPT: It’s just another day on the claim when “Eureka!" your prospector discovers…

A portal to another universe?

An orphaned Sasquatch?

The importance of bathing?

Dagnabbit, write on! 

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