Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Going for Gold

FYI: No runaway teapots were harmed
in the making of this pictogram

Tomorrow a woman from my area will compete in the freeski halfpipe.

Last week, a guy from my old hometown took on the luge.

Those Olympians are everywhere!

I mean, you could cut in front of one at the Quickie Mart and never even know it.

Unless, of course, said Olympian was a curler —

They are never afraid to yell.

Have you been watching the Sochi coverage?

I have…

like a woman obsessed.

It’s a free master class in plot, after all.

The triumphs…

The tragedies…

The backstories that make you cry.

All that delicious drama.

And of course, the comic relief…

Of curling.

PROMPT: What if you were an Olympian? What event would you choose for grabbing that golden moment? Bonus points for brilliant backstory and, of course, sweeping the house.

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