Friday, February 14, 2014

Love, Strange Love

You gotta love LOVE.

It’s the best thing going.

And there’s always a whole lot of it going around.

For instance, in Myrtle Beach Bubbles and Bella are inseparable.

And they don’t give a flip what the world thinks about a 9,000-pound elephant dating a 90-pound Labrador Retriever —

They’re in love, and they aren't afraid to show it.

Way down under, an Aussie dog rescue organization recently listed a beautiful Blue Heeler.

The only trouble — he was a package deal.

He would not go anywhere without his BFF —

A goat named Axle.

Apparently, the two found a home on a farm in Binnu where they play, sleep, and eat dog biscuits…

In Tennessee, two rescued circus elephants were reunited after 22 years apart.

Did they remember one another?

Let’s just say that even steel bars could not contain their love.

Now they walk the wilds of the sanctuary trunk in trunk.

And then there’s Alex, the African Grey Parrot who was studied by scientist Irene Pepperberg for thirty years.

Alex took the concept of "birdbrain" to a whole new level when he learned colors and counting, then began putting words together to form complete sentences that he had not been taught.

Sadly, he died prematurely.

But his last words to Irene?

“You be good…

Well, I’m not sure if love actually makes the world go ‘round…

But it does make it one hell of a wonderful ride.

PROMPT: It’s a beautiful day to celebrate love in all of its amazing forms. What’s your love story?  

Write on!

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