Friday, February 28, 2014

Sweet Tooth

I have a theory —

I think that there’s more than one tooth fairy.

You see, way back when I placed a molar, incisor, or cuspid beneath my pillow, in the morning I’d always wake to find…

One thin dime.

Apparently, I was dealt the infamous “frugal fairy” in the tooth fairy lottery.

My children fairied much better.

Although, to be honest, I haven’t quite figured her out.

She’s either a total geography geek, or is so frazzled and harried by her worldwide clientele that she never has time to stop and do a bit of currency exchange.

So, for a molar my son or daughter might receive a British pound sterling, while an incisor might net a peso from Columbia.

You just never know.

She also has a sense of humor —

One time she shelled out French francs long after the official adoption of the euro.

Obviously, she’s not into leaving anything spendable.

I figure that’s because word must have gotten out in fairyland…

I always used my dimes at the candy store.

PROMPT: Today is National Tooth Fairy Day, so celebrate by telling a toothy tale. And if you've figured out what your fairy does with those pearlies, please let us know.


  1. Fun post! Very sweet. ;)

    I just saw your She Writes page. You're cool, Barb. You have a great voice.

    1. Dawn, and you are the sweetest thing that ever lived. I cannot believe that I now have it in writing that I'm actually cool. Of course, the plan is to blow it up to font size 157, make a sign with conveniently attached Popsicle stick, and wave it about whenever teenage offspring are present. Yes, it is going to be a great day!