Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Day!

Children + Books = Happy

Way back in 1967, SOMEbody decided that life would be so much better if the world had a “Super Bowl” Day where men could run around, grunt a lot, and legally give one another head injuries.

At about the same time, some gentle-souled genius had another idea.

He or she decided that the world would be a much better place if we all curled up on a sofa, smiled a lot, and actually GREW some brain cells by reading something fun.

It was called International Children's Book Day.

And guess what —

Today is NOT the Super Bowl.

PROMPT: If you've guessed that today is International Children's Book Day, then you must be a reader with a great set of brain cells!

What was your favorite book back when you were a tyke?

What’s your favorite children’s book now?

What kind of children’s book would you like to see written?

Yep, that last one’s the one you ought to start today!

And if you’re participating in the National Poetry Month challenge —

Do not be averse to penning it in verse!

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