Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random Acts of Poetry

Dinosaurs, road kill, grumpy basilisk,
Wontons, cherry pie, itchy kitchen whisk,
Orange pants, hula hoops, purple-backed sphinx,
Hopscotch, Frankenstein, bumpy roller rinks.

Cranky Sue, pitch forks, fabulously green,
Fruit cake, super glue, captivated spleen,
Dragon eye, night crawler, sticky candle wax,
Bubble gum, firefly, broken income tax.

Ain't it funny, ain't it cute, ridiculously true 
The whole world finds a way to live inside of you!

Yep, we're continuing our celebration of National Poetry Month with a whole heap of serious foolishness!

I hope that you've been getting your poetry game on each and every day.

But alas, I hear that some folks out there are trapped within the box, cage, and compound of highfalutin poetry.

Is this you?

Well, Cupcake, I am here to set you free!

Any poetry will do  whether it’s a rhymer, no rhymer, sometimes rhymer, or two-timer. Just throw words together and aim for the heart.

And remember 

There's no such thing as bad poetry…

Just bad people

who think

poems stink.

PROMPT: Boy howdy, it's random poetry day! So, dig around in your cupboards, peek under beds, and clean out the kitchen sink (that’s where I found my basilisk)  no doubt, you’ll find words in these places that have all the makings of a good poem. Sure, you can look to the speckled heavens, chuckling brooks, and barefoot meadows, too. It’s up to you. Simply smack some phrases on your pages  just for the JOY of it!

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