Friday, May 16, 2014

Treasure Map

Want a fun way to bend your mind’s elbow?

Treasure map your childhood!

Start with a large sheet of paper and plot out your old stompin’ grounds. 

Visual artists may have an easier time with this part, but nobody should sweat it. We’re not going for accuracy here — we’re after STORY. 

Aye, for there be the treasure, Mateys!

Be sure to draw the home place the way you saw it back when you were less than four feet tall…

And remember, when you were that small, lots of things were probably BIG and SCARY.

Add labels that bring to mind specific childhood memories — those places and events that tell the tales of your adventure in the Land of Little.

Here are some of the map markers on mine:

Frog Catcher’s “Crick”

The Attic Bats

What is THAT?

Fossil Ridge

The EVIL one-footed Rooster!

Crawdaddy Falls

The CREEPY Basement (Why was that lonely light bulb always swinging?)

Roly-Poly Hill

The Kite-flying Field

The Kite-eating Tree

The Little Room (Haunted for sure)

And of course, the spot where I found the neighbor’s marijuana grow operation… 

When you’re 7 years old, NOTHING starts a conversation faster than bringing home one of those leaves!

PROMPT: Have fun making maps today! It’s surprising how the dual process of drawing and writing unleashes those tales that live in your skin. 

Begad! YOU’RE chock-full of treasure!

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