Friday, June 6, 2014


Seventy years ago today, my adopted “Goompa” was on his way to Caen, France.

He was piloting a B-17G with the moniker “Cocaine Bill.”

It was his 16th mission.

Fortunately, he lived to see 26 more.

After the war, he returned stateside and became a teacher of English Literature.

Twenty-odd years after that, he and his wife folded a young couple with a towheaded baby into their family.

I was that baby.

Goompa, this is my thank you for your service…

and for giving me a love of all things wordy.

I miss you still.

PROMPT: Does your family have a WWII story? If so, today would be a great day to get it on the page.

If not, check out this list of WWII novels for children and get inspired.

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