Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Basket Case

So here I am, ready to start the New Year off with a whole heap of good writing…

when who pads in to play sandbar to this ship of progress?

Felis Domesticus –

AKA Goalis Suckerus.

Face it, cats would rather see you working the business end of a can opener than taking care of business… any business.

Obviously, this includes working on your 2013 dreams, plans, and goals.

You see, cats have never really gotten over the fact that we’ve moved on from those ancient Egyptian days of feline idolatry. They figure that every moment you spend working on something of yours means one less moment worshiping THEM.

And they’re not taking it lying down.

Um… actually they are –

On keyboards…

Important documents…

Fresh paintings.

Which brings me to today’s writing tip –

If you do not have a cat, DO NOT GET ONE.

Sure they are cute and cuddly, but that’s just a front…

Cats have hearts of stone when it comes to your evolution above and beyond can opener level.

You have been warned.

If you do have a cat, YOU must adjust.

Never expect a cat to adjust to anything involving decent sleeping or working hours.

Trust me, I’m pretty much an expert on this one –

I’ve had three obvious bouts of insanity resulting in three resident felines.

I’ve done a LOT of adjusting.

Which leads me to today’s tip for those who've already succumbed to cat madness –

Invest in a desk basket…

Keyboard is cat-free.
Barb –1 | Cat – 0
(Mwa Ha Ha!)

PROMPT: It’s a great day for a crazy cat lady story… or perhaps a documentary on the feline Facebook takeover – step one in their plan for world domination.


  1. Hee! You are so funny!

    Your cat is super cute, and I like your desk basket! :) Very smart!

    1. Don't let his good looks fool you, Dawn. He is the Anti-Muse.