Friday, January 4, 2013

Stand by for this Unimportant Update…

Banana slugs have 27 thousand teeth… on their tongues.

Meanwhile, crocodiles cannot stick out their tongues at all.

A dolphin sleeps with one eye open… because only half its brain sleeps at a time.

And speaking of brains – an ostrich brain is smaller than its eyeball. So don’t hold your breath waiting for ground-breaking theories from their camp.

By the way, ostriches do not stick their heads into the ground or sand or whatever… However, Flamingos can only eat if their heads are upside down.

Goat pupils are rectangles – trust me, they’re very creepy.

Hippos are so dang cool, they do not sweat. But they do secrete their own sunscreen

I wonder if it smells like coconuts.

Um, No.

But yes, yes, yes! You’ve probably guessed –

It’s National Trivia Day!

This has got to be one of my favorites –

The one day of the year I can yammer with abandon about all of the useless facts I’ve acquired as a writer for the children’s educational market…

What delicious and frivolous joy!

By the way, the next time your mom or wife complains about the birthing process –

let her know that kiwi birds lay eggs that are half their body weight….

Then duck.

PROMPT: When you need a story start – think trivia. How about a story about those beleaguered banana slug dentists? What if goats are really the aliens among us? How about dolphin-sleep as a super power? Goodness knows, I could have used that one in Macroeconomics class.


  1. Hippos that smell like coconut oil. I so love your sense of humor. ^_^

    1. Thanks, Angi! If it made you smile, that makes my day. :)