Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I’m wishing you all the BEST for your 2013 creative goals!

Today is a great day to dream your dreams…

Wish your wishes…

Plan your plans…

Then plan to be surprised!

The BEST things in life are happy accidents, after all.

PROMPT: Write down your 2013 aspirations! Sure, you may not intend to gaze upon them again… you may plan to stuff them in a drawer… or set them on fire… but WRITE THEM DOWN anyway. It’s all part of the Mind’s Elbow magic formula.

Yes, I still believe in magic.

What can I say – it’s part of my job description.

Oh – and I’d like to wish plenty of extra magic for all my peeps with a touch of Triskaidekaphobia… Because… um… it’d be a really good year to give that one up, don’t ya think? 


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