Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Do You Spell Success?

Most of us want to be successful.

If we’re writers, we want to get a book in print.

If we’re artists, we want that gallery showing.

If we’re algae specialists, we… uh…

Anyway, you get the picture.

But here’s a fascinating thing that I learned about people long ago when I worked as a counselor –

When you really drill down to determine why folks want success, it’s because they believe that it will ultimately make them happier.

Each person simply wants to be happier in his or her own skin…

in his or her own home.


So, I ask you –

Why not start there?

Why not start with the end in mind by coming up with creative ways to be happier at home?

And here’s the delicious irony –

The faster you do that, the faster that elusive success will find you.

Yes, algae specialists, I am talking to you.

PROMPT: It’s a great day for happiness! Write about all the little ways you can cram more HAPPY into your life. Then do at least one. Face it, Grumpy Cat’s frown is adorable, but yours isn't doing you any favors.


  1. This folks is soooo true. I use to be a mess but now I'm a success.

    1. Ah, poetic success is the bes....t! Rock and write on, little b!