Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Once Upon a Time…

According to the calendar, today is Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

Most of the sites about it encourage parents and teachers to read their old favorites aloud in order to delight small children.

Oh, they’ll be delighted all right.

Because before those tales got Disney-fied, they were… well…

Let’s just say that Stephen King had nothing on them.

So, before you go back to those lovely originals, here are few endings you might want to know –

Cinderella’s stepsisters get their eyes pecked out by pigeons.

Grandma and Red Riding Hood get gobbled up and digested by the wolf. Sorry, kiddos, the woodsman is a no-show, so there’s no one to hack them out whole and breathing.

Same goes for Goldilocks. She’s actually ripped to shreds and eaten by the bears for trespassing.

Oh, and happily ever after? Um… no. In the original version, the Little Mermaid flings herself to an oceanic death after the prince dumps her.

Well… sleep tight tonight, boys and girls.

Sweet dreams!

PROMPT: Write a tale of your own today – grim, fractured, or sanitized. Oh and by the way, the calendar also indicates that it is National Pistachio DaySo move over Princess and the Pea – I’m thinking it’s time for something a little bit nuttier.


  1. You know me I'm a fan of these original endings. As for pistachio day...I'm cracking them open as I type.

    1. Somehow I knew you'd be celebrating the BEST of both special days today!

  2. Replies
    1. Obviously, you got the joke... hence the italics. Those tales are grim, and many (but not all) are from those double M Grimms we all know and love.

  3. I'm so pleased to know that you won a copy of my book in the give-away over at Faith's blog Sacred Dirt. Oh, my... this post made me laugh ("well... sleep tight boys and girls.") I'm with you on this one... Disney has sanitized too many fairy tales and rendered them dull and unpalatable.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I can't wait to receive the "Making Peg Dolls" book. You can bet your buttons that I'll be headed for the fairy tale section straight away!